[Anhui delicious food]_has some_ some is

23 May by admin

[Anhui delicious food]_has some_ some is

[Anhui delicious food]_has some_ some is

When it comes to Anhui, in addition to the local beauty, people also linger in Anhui cuisine.

Whether travelling to Anhui, or locals in Anhui, they like all kinds of cuisine in Anhui very much.

Although some friends have not been to Anhui, they are also very familiar with the cuisine of Anhui.

So, what are the delicious food in Anhui?

Today we will introduce some to you.

1. The skin of stinky sturgeon fish will emit a strange smell, but after washing it with hot oil and frying it a little, there will be no odor, but it will be extremely delicious.

This fish is very fat and tender, the meat is crisp and delicious, and has a unique aroma.

2. Steamed pheasant is a frog specializing in Huangshan. Cut the chicken into pieces, put it into the original shape, put it in a stone bowl, and steam it with the ingredients. After steaming, the clear soup bottoms out and tastes delicious.The flesh is tender and the aroma is strong.

3, ham stewed soft-shelled turtle is difficult to cook, the process must be stewed, the soup is mellow, the meat is rotten and tender, and the taste includes the softness of the soft-shelled turtle and the salty flavor of ham.

4, the artificial tofu through artificial fermentation, so that a layer of white hair on the surface and then fry the pan.

After cooking, the tofu is so fragrant that it tastes delicious in the mouth.

The white hair on tofu is only grown in Huangshan and Huizhou. It has no authentic taste except here.

5, Yipin pot is a dish with farmhouse specialties.

The local flavor of this dish is very strong, the taste is delicious, and the appetite is a hot pot often eaten in winter.

6, braised fruit and raccoon meat are crispy and fragrant, red in color, and smooth in the mouth, resulting in overflowing aroma and mouthwatering.

7. The color of sautéed roasted meat dishes is red, and the sautéed roasted meat is very fragrant when combined with the meat. With the ingredients, it feels more drunk and delicious, and the aftertaste is long.

8. The main ingredients of double-exploded skewered Feishan chicken and wild duck breast meat are tender and rich in nutritional value.

9, shiitake mushroom chestnut taste attractive, complete color and fragrance.

10, bayberry meatballs are made from meat, eggs and bayberry soup. The color is rose red, the taste is sweet and mixed with sour taste, the size is medium, one bite, and it is refreshing.

11. Yam stewed pigeons are stewed with pigeons with a variety of alternative nutritional ingredients. Pigeon meat is sweet and delicious. When paired with the nutrition of yam, it helps to strengthen the health and taste.

12, Luzhou roast duck tastes great.

Have you ever eaten some delicious Anhui dishes?